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Hedge Fund

AI Art Hedge Fund is focused on understanding how the world works. By having the understanding of the global economy and financial markets, we use AI technology to analyze the financial market and transform our analysis into great portfolios and strategic partnerships with institutional clients and private equity fund.

Open to ideas

We believe that creating excellent outcomes requires setting ambitious goals and applying our understanding of how the world works.

Direct Communiation

A direct communication within organization is the way to maintain vigilance and to air disagreement.

Tech Oriented

Using proper technology enables us one step ahead of others and it helps us to confirm and verify our judgement calls.


We do not believe in employees just come and go for work. We want the job to be meaningful by building a meaning relationship.

Quantitative based

Translating understanding of financial markets into great portfolios quantitatively.


We are engineering systems to understand the world. Our philosophy is that the world can be understood.

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