How AI Pay works

Simple and easy steps to achieve easy money transfer.


1. Register for free

Download our Facebook Messenger or Line App to start.


2. Generate invoice QR code

Enter an amount that you want to receive and clock next to generate a QR code.


3. Show and receive

Give your QR code to sender so you are ready to receive. Money will be instantly sent to you and your customer is happy.


4. Check your transactions

Check all your transactions with your APP or website. In case of any problem, give us a call.


5. Exchange currency

Exchange to other currency if you would like to make a payment to other in foreign currency.


6. Earn Cash by Sharing

Share the APP to earn cash. The more you share the more you earn.

Fast & Easy Online Banking

One APP that fulfill all your daily needs

No matter you are paying or receiving money or, we can help you do it instantly.

  • Free within network
  • Fully encrypted Blockchain data
  • 100% transparent cost
  • NASA security level capability
  • Instant transfer
  • Credit card supported
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Top Security

Small to medium-sized business friendly

We have all the tools you need.

  • Instance payment
  • Deposit and withdraw with banks
  • API and SDK available
  • Coverage around the world
  • Best for cross-border business
  • NO extra hidden cost
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